December 25, 2007

life in general: attaboy santa claus!

Time for some nostalgia.

Attaboy Santa Claus! Seen here spending time with his much-loved Bombay-Kandivli building kids on 25 December 2001! Observe the smallest member of the group -- the little girl in the arms of her girl-nanny. She is Sichy, the one on whom I used to shower most of my affection.

Nowadays, however, work is so intense that I hardly get time to spend time with the children in my building. Sichy is now a smart little girl going to primary school.

December 18, 2007

life in general: its been eons!

Its been eons!
- since my last post here
- since my soul came into existence
- since I went for a nature trail in the forest of north Bombay
- since I went for a walk on the beach
- since any one commented in my blog!
- since the good old days of Sat-yug
- since my aimless wandering in the universe!