April 18, 2009

life in general: india elections - whom will i vote for?

One of five phases of national parliamentary elections in India got over this Thursday. Next 4 Thursdays will see the other four phases. Bombay's turn is Thursday, 30 April. Whom will I vote for in my constituency?

Like in 2004, I am going to vote for one of the few independent candidates after going through their candidature records filed with the Election Commission of India (ECI) on ECI's website. I do not believe in any of the politicial parties.

The Congress, NCP, and their gang of allies are destroyers of the lives and properties of Indian citizens staying in remote villages, forests and mountains. They are also savvy in extracting money subtly from companies by giving them excessive concessions like SEZs, tax-breaks, subsidised land etc. They are also the biggest protectors all of those who illegally and massively pollute the air and water (and chop down hills and mountains through very high levels of mining) in India through their companies and industries. They are also expert opportunists when it comes to religion -- they manipulate the minorities by pretending to be their justice-providers when in reality they are the silent supported of the actions of the other political party group (the BJP). Ocassionally, like in 1984, they take the lead in committing mindless and brutal violence against minorities.

The BJP, Shivsena (and their thugs associates in the VHP and Bajrang Dal) and their gang of allies are vulgar murderers of humanity. Having observed their demonic behaviour in Bombay, Surat and other places during December1992-January1993 and in Gujarat in 2002, I have no choice but to say that they are evil people. Further, if they get more experience of being in power they will emulate the Congress-NCP in brutalising the remote Indian people (they already have a shameless precedent in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh through the Narmada dam project) out of their habitats and also, similar to Congress, destroy the fragile ecology balance of Indian land, rivers, seas, mountains, valleys etc.

The communist parties are also no viable option (I have written 3 posts on the Left's Modi last year -- here, here and here that explains my thoughts about them). The Samajwadi Party (Mulayamsingh Yadav--Amar Singh) are a bunch of thugs that collaborate with the extremism of minority groups in the UP, particularly the deadly Muslim extremists and hate-mongers. Bahujan Samaj Party (Mayawati) exploits the helplessness of Dalits but provides them no true justice. It has become as corrupt and inept as others before it in the UP.

What remains? No one. So whether an independent candidate wins or not I am going to vote for him/her on 30 April.

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